From January 1 to December 31, 2000


2000, the last year of the 20th century, interpreted as the zero-year of the 21st century is suitable to be the YEAR of the CHANCE project of Artpool Art Research Center, for it “zeros” what has happened so far, and thus attempts to generate, out of the chances, a “self-assembling” refurbishment and approaches the IMPOSSIBLE (2001).


An action is determined by chance coincidences: as pieces of information get together by chance, they intensify each other and finally become an event.

Simultaneous events, generated by chances intensifying each other, get further intensified by subsequent chances, and cause irreversible changes.

Irreversible changes never run to one direction only, therefor they either extinguish or intensify each other due to chance, and if so, they determine the future for a good while.

The changes that determine the future simultaneously do not run in one direction either, which means that several futures arise and chance opens the way for the next future.

“Chance future” builds up as a network, therefore future is an issue neither pertaining to the medium, nor to the concept; it pertains to the contents. These network-like issues of content (with all their implications) model themselves on the one hand, and they can also be modeled from the future on the other hand.