Sound is defined as a unit of periodical vibrations composed of a base note generated by a base vibration and overtones that vibrate at frequencies that are integer multiples of the base note. Sound is a common, everyday word, which, if supplemented with an attribute, expresses a generic yet important value judgement.

A loudspeaker, a song, a style, etc. can sound good or bad. The average listener qualifies it thus and does not analyse the reason. That is something the maker of the gear or music should know.

Most genres and styles have a sound characteristic of them. This – among other things – depends on the number of performers (e.g. soloist, big band), the instruments used (Gipsy band, Afro-American folk music), their acoustic, electric or electronic quality, the performance method (studio, live, play-back) and standard (garage, symphonic rock).

The day of sound was first held in 1989 by Radio Bartók.


In 2017 in Kapolcs in Area 51

thirteen distinct sound sets very different from one another were played simultaneously in thirteen locations of the region not too far from one another.

Despite their simultaneity and difference, they did not damage one another; what is more, thanks to unexpected sonorous overlaps they enhanced one another.

It is interesting that new sounds are generated depending on the source of the sound, e.g. from the cellar or the attic, etc.

The site-specific attributes and the location-sound contexts create a unique concert situation. A real Fluxus concert=flowing space comes into being.

Another special feature of the location articulated by cultures of sounds is that it is not the space that flows but people, i.e. people reacting to the ensemble of parallel textual and pictorial impulses, representing behavioural cultures, micro-narratives.

the locations of sound cultures:

K55/1 - portal | K55/2 - sculpture window | K55/3 - wood storage |
K55/4 - shed | K51/5 - loo | K51/6 - attic | K51/7 - cellar |
K51/8 - front garden | K51/9 - electricity meter | K51/10 - gazebo |
K51/11 - drain-tank | K51/12 - covered courtyard | K51/13 - back garden

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