sound sets K55/3 - wood storage | AFRICA
Artpool Art Research Center / Museum of Fine Arts – alternative art presence
Area 51, 51 Kossuth Street, Kapolcs, 21-30 July 2017
open: from ten in the morning until six in the evening

text: The context of wandering zero points

ENDRE TÓT 80 (years old) tricolour memorial flags

sound sets K51/9 - electricity meter | BLUES
A present /which although not bad but has nothing bright, nothing enchanting about it / and is a hot bed for all things nostalgic / a hot bed for everything that can hurl the past over into the future without it having to even / come into contact with the present.. (Gábor Attalai)
Rise, Hungarian underground
Endre Tót’s joys
In the cellar

In the cellar you can view György Galántai’s
glass protest banner made in 2015, titled
Tangible, National and Transparent.

sound sets K51/8 - front garden | TEDx


NOTHING quotes in the garden and everywhere
Truth is important even when it makes no sense. (Jenő Rejtő)
sound sets K51/13 - back garden | GLASS


exhibition in the Dimensionist memorial room and kitchen:

Endre Tót “Zer0 retrospective”
(zero works 1971-1984)

Details from Artpool’s Hungarian debut exhibition of 1993.

sound sets K51/12 - covered courtyard | TRAP

NOTHING protest banners in the covered courtyard

György Galántai: Mirror banner (for demonstrations), 1989.
see also – its display in 2013: NO INTEGRAL

NOTHING CINEMA in the shed

dimensionist attitude | holonic system | integral approach | memetic network | telematic art

music environment | sound sets | flowing space

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21–30 July 2017, 55 Kossuth street, Kapolcs – Galántai house