24 June–7 July 1973 - The exhibition and events of László Beke, Miklós Erdély, György Jovánovics, Péter Legéndy, János Major, Gyula Pauer and Tamás Szentjóby.

1 July 1973 - The exhibition is made complete with the works of Miklós Erdély, György Jovánovics, János Major: Erdély Miklós-Jovánovics György-Major János: The Coat of János Major, János Major as a “living tombstone”, György Jovánovics “Wall”.

7 July 1973 - Miklós Erdély contributes to the exhibition with his work “God is tiny”. His piece gets hanged below the ceiling of the chapel and is left there until it is finally closed.

7 July 1973 - Screening of the works by Árpád Ajtony, Gábor Bódy, Mihály Csákó, Gábor Dobos, Péter Donáth, Ágnes Háy, Zsuzsa Kőrösi, László Najmányi, Márk Novák, György Pór.

Péter Donáth and Mihály Csákó at the entrance of the chapel,
G. Galántai: Main Road - Private Property board (in the background).

8-14 July 1973 - The exhibition of Gyula Gulyás and Goichi Kitagawa.

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