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A holon on the n level of an output hierarchy is represented on the (n+1) level as a unit, and triggered into action as a unit. A holon, in other words, is a system of relata which is represented on the next higher level as a relatum. (Arthur Koestler)

7 March–17 May 2009 - Kunsthallen Nikolaj - Copenhagen, Denmark

Fluxus East


Copenhagen venue – after Berlin, Vilnius, Krakow, Budapest and Tallinn – of the big touring exhibition monitoring Fluxus networks in Central and Eastern Europe.

As an interactive exhibition, FLUXUS EAST aims to facilitate a profound encounter with ideas, works and texts – some presented as facsimiles to permit intense study.

11 March 2009 Wednesday - CEU - Budapest

Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies

Avant-Garde Art and Youth Subcultures in Hungary in the 1970s, and their Documentation
(Approaches To Counter-Cultural Movements In East-Central Europe seminar)

Guests: Péter György (Eötvös Loránd University) and Júlia Klaniczay (Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest)

with excerpts from the documentary movies
Kultúrdomb (1992) by György Galántai [video]
Vakáció (Vacation. The Story of the Chapel Studio of Balatonboglár 1970–1973) (1998)
prepared by Edit Sasvári

13 March 2009 Friday, 6 p.m. - Artpool P60

Electroacoustic improvisation trio

Thanos Chrysakis (laptop), Oli Mayne (vibraphone) and Jerry Wigens (clarinet) perform a set of electroacoustic improvisations – accompanied by Mick Grierson’s projected visual images (30–40 min).

Their improvisations are based on spectral confluences and collisions directed beyond a categorical approach to sound. They have worked together and in different formations, in a number of recordings and appearances in London. A new CD release called ‘Instant-Cascade-Distant’ in which they participate comes out in June on the Aural Terrains record label.

In a separate gallery-room and as part of the performance there will be a video installation by Thanos Chrysakis as a re-thinking of the momentary, the distance between and what bridges the mundane with the sublime.

see also: Thanos Chrysakis / Oli Mayne / Jerry Wigens / Mick Grierson

25 March 2009 6 p.m. - Artpool P60 - open by appointment till 20 April

30 YEARS OF ARTPOOL (and its antecedents)

Springtime projection, exhibition-event: selection from the visual and sound material of Artpool’s Hungarian and international projects, video-installation of documents and artworks [invitation]

Artpool was founded thirty years ago on 25 March 1979!

TV: Kultúrház2005 / Kultúrház2009 - radio: MR1-Kossuth2009

1 April 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guest

Pneuma szöv. (Zsuzsa Berecz, Sarah Günther, Szabina Kerényi, Viktor Markos, Réka Mán-Várhegyi)

Meeting in order to start a cooperation between Artpool and Pneuma szöv. concerning the planned LUFTHASE Klub project. [photos]

17 April 2009 - Artpool P60

Artpool’s Guest

Péter Rózsa anchorman

TV shooting about the Artpool 30 exhibition for Kulturház Extra, to be broadcasted on May 7. [photos]

26 April 2009 - Sunday, 3 p.m. - Artpool P60

But is it Art???

Where do you draw the Line?

an interactive, performance/research event by
Doktor Anna Freud Banana

(Specific Research Institute, Canada) [invitation]

Make your views known
in this provocative examination
of contemporary art practice,
and help define, once and for all,
what, exactly art IS.

Doktor Anna Freud Banana’s european tour: Rome, Carrara, Italy / Zierikzee, Netherlands / Gent, Belgium / Minden, Berlin, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany / Budapest / Bremen, Germany / Aalborg, Hjallerup, Denmark

Assistance: Canada Council for the Arts / Conseil des Arts du Canada / INTERMEDIA, Budapest

28 April 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guest

Jean-Pierre Thibaudat and colleagues, making interviews in the former socialist countries for VENTS D’EST, 1945–1989 a week long documentary radio program by Jean-Pierre Thibaudat to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall

7 May 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guest

Natasa Petresin-Bachelez
Independent curator and critic based in Paris and Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has published articles on contemporary and new media art in numerous international exhibition catalogues and art magazines, and is a contributing editor for the online review ARTMargins: Contemporary Central and Eastern European Visual Culture (UC Santa Barbara). [web]

29 May 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guest

Ancsa Morvai, editor-reporter
Shooting a short film about Artpool and its web site, for Infománia, a multimedia TV magazine at RTL-Klub, to be transmitted on 9 July 2010. [photos]

9 June 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guest

Trever Hagen (CEU)
doing a research with the assistance of Artpool about the Budapest-Vienna-Berlin Telephone Concert and the samizdat Radio Artpool cassettes of the 80s. [photos] [web]

13 June 2009 - Tranzit

Parallel Chronologies - The Invisible History of Exhibitions

exhibition and symposium with the participation and help of Artpool

tranzit.hu organizes an exhibition and symposium with the title The Invisible History of Exhibitions, which aims at the formation of a shared knowledge and discourse on Eastern European art exhibitions from the 1960s till now.

Parallel Chronologies investigates the exhibition as a cultural phenomenon and a genre on its own right focusing on the period determined by the state socialisms of the Eastern European region. The project intends to break with the usual ways both international and local art events and publications either ignore or exoticize this field. For this aim we present a network of professional relationships, exhibitions, events, and art spaces instead of the sheer display of artworks from the period.

2 July 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guests

Chico Toledo és Maurício Dwek
Brazilian filmakers
preparing a documentary film about the life and work of Vilém Flusser

Chico Toledo is a sociologist who has been working with audiovisual production since 2004. He has worked in video production companies and research centres, mostly with documentaries (ethnographic, urban-sociological, institutional and in the area of folklore).

Maurício Dwek is a Chemical and Materials engineer. He has worked at the Centre of Formation and Forest Technology (CEFLORA) in Cruzeiro do Sul-Acre/Brazil in the field of professional education in Agroindustry and as a teacher of Sciences.

22–26 July 2009 - Kossuth Lajos 55 - Kapolcs

Galántai House, directly

Artpool/Kapolcs memori/al

The “Newkapolcs Gallery” project (1991–1995), holonically (as a whole and a part) organised in György Galántai’s house was an important part in the 30-year-long history of Artpool. The prolonged renovation of the house was finished in 2009, and, to celebrate this, the house appears in the exhibition with an integral approach as a holonic memori/al in the exhibition space opening from the street. [invitation]

1 September 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guests

Phil Niblock and Lujza Havas

Phil Niblock a long time correspondent of Artpool, when in Budapest stays at Lujza Havas who gladily accompanies him to places of his interest. This time the aim of his visit was the Sound Archive of Artpool. [photos]

21 October–4 November 2009 - Platán Gallery

TYPOPASS – Critical design and conceptual typography

How does critical design emerge, the attempt to counter consumer culture with a social consciousness with the intention not only to serve customers but also to shape visual culture, even the whole of culture and society? [web]

Exhibition with a selection of material partly from the collection of Artpool [photos]

26 October 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guest

Péter Rónai, who arrived to Budapest for the preparations of the exhibition NO PASS showing Hungarian contemporary artists living outside Hungary. [photos]

28 October 2009 - Artpool Archives

Artpool’s Guests

Julien Blaine, who participated with the performance “Le pont du diable” on the conference “Poetry and Architecture” held at the French Cultural Institute in Budapest in the framework of the festival: Month of Architecture - 2009. [photos]

6 November 2009–31 March 2010 - The New York Public Library

Performing Revolution

in Central and Eastern Europe

Performing Revolution in Central and Eastern Europe explores the contributions of the performing arts to the 1989 revolutions and resulting fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe. Presented by The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts in association with leading cultural organizations and academic institutions, the five-month festival features more than 25 events, including theater, music, and dance performances, exhibitions, film screenings, readings, and symposia.

Artpool as a cooperative partner contributed to the exhibition with research assistance and exhibition materials (mostly posters and documentary photos) [photos]

13 November 2009–14 February 2010 - MUMOK, Vienna
and 20 March–13 June 2010 - ZACHETA, Warsaw


Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe

Gender Check is the first comprehensive exhibition featuring art from Eastern Europe since the 1960s focusing on gender roles. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, curator Bojana Pejić, along with a team of experts from 24 different countries, has put together a selection of more than 400 works including paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, posters, films and videos. The exhibition features more than 200 artists and thus paints an exceptionally diverse picture of a certain chapter in art history that remained largely undiscovered until recently, and which could also have a significant impact on contemporary gender discourse. Gender Check follows the shifts and changes in the representation of male and female role models in art, taking a particular look at how they develop under different sociopolitical conditions.

In the exhibition many artists from Hungary were featured. Artpool borrowed for the show from its collection the series of photos documenting the performance by György Galántai: Homage to Vera Muhina (Heroes square, Budapest, 1980, with Julia Klaniczay and G. A. Cavellini). [photos]