(Budapest VI., Paulay Ede u. 60.)


Artpool P60

Artpool P60” is the artistic and intellectual “storehouse-airport” of the Artpool Art Research Center. That real space together with the virtual space of Artpool on internet gives one the chance to model, observe the formation and change of thinking and value.
Since the point of view is different every year (network: 1997, installation: 1998, context: 1999, chance: 2000, impossible: 2001), the contacts are growing and the effective field of art is being mapped.

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The Artpool Foundation rented the place from the 6th District Municipal Office in 1994 when it was still in a very bad condition. Since then the Foundation has been making serious efforts to fix it up step-by-step.

An experimental show was held during the 1997 Budapest Autumn Festival named “Storeroom Exhibition”. There were installations, projects and performances in the cooperative programmes.

It was really put to use during the 1998 Budapest Spring Festival with an installation-project. The intellectual coordinates were given by Robert Filliou’s reconstruction dealing with space-specific installation. In this way, the connection was set up with the antecedents (the 90s), with the “periodic spaces” (the 80s) and the art space in Balatonboglar (70s).

The 1999 context-project in Artpool makes the working-field broader in an intellectual meaning. It starts a process according to the given possibilities to make the artistic ideas clearer and to deepen the research of the given situation.

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Note: The Artpool P60 is a real publication and communication space of Artpool Art Research Center parallel to the Artpool virtual space on the internet. The goal of the Artpool P60 Project is to do research on real spacial chances of the changing thought in virtual space and to give feedback of experiences. The final goal of the project is to make the changes and transition-period distinct and perceptible.