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series of selected texts about Fluxus, Performance, Hypertext, Sound Poetry, etc.translated into Hungarian (for students in art and art history) (for Hungarian readers see Artpool Füzetek)
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Catalogs, art publications

NETWORKER CONGRESS ARTPOOL BUDAPEST, (Artpool, 1992, A/5, 24 pages, photocopy)

Catalog of the Budapest session of Decentralized Networker Congress, including detailed description of the fax action, a text by György Galántai written in 1989, and many photographs. Available in exchange.

FLUX FLAG (Artpool, 1992, A/4, monocolor and multicolor photocopy, 94 pages, 100 numbered copies)

Document of the open air exhibition organized at Budapest Autumn Festival in 1992. This publication was designed and made by György Galántai with the use of the artists’ documents and photographs of the Flux Flags.

Available in exchange.

FLUXMOST, FLUXNOW (Artpool,1993, A/4, ofset)

Zero issue of a planned Fluxus magazine. 4 pages. This magazine was originally designed to report on the events of Artpool’s fluxyear.

Available in exchange.

NETWORKER POST, (Artpool, 1992-93, A/4, photocopy, 150 copies)

100 stamp images by 100 artists with a list of addresses collected in a folder.

Published by Artistamp Museum of Artpool, available in exchange.

IDENTITY IN DIVERSITY, (Artpool, 1993, A/5, 38 pages, photocopy, 100 copies)

A concrete poetry project (wordworldwork). Let us assume for example that the world does not fall apart because even the remotest things can be related through one of their elements, then let us put it on the test: eg. with language. (One might well assume that the four cardinal points are the remotest things in the world, yet, they have one thing in common: they are 90, or 180 degrees from one another.) If we try, in any language, to write the words NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST across one another so that one letter in each is identical, the four words will form a compact shape. (We can try to do the same with world views, too)

Available in exchange.

NETWORKER BRIDGE (Artpool, 1994, A/5, photocopy on colour sheets, 100 copies)

This pack of fortune-telling cards contains 64 cards with graphics by 64 artists. György Galántai chose stamp images from the Networker Post project having also a meaning for Tarot cards. [web-adaptation]

Available in exchange.

Polyphonix 26 – Budapest (Artpool, 1994. A/4, 16 pages, black and white, ofset)

Catalogue of the Sound Poetry Festival organized by Artpool and Polyphonix Association (Paris) in Budapest 1994, including biographies and photos of participating artists.

Price: €3 or available in exchange.

SAJNOS ISTVÁN SZÖVEGEI TEXTS BY ISTVÁN SAJNOS (Artpool, 1995, A/5, 44 pages, black and white, photocopy)

An exhibiton made of 267 “sajnos” (=sorry) texts written by 51 successful candidates at Artpool’s behest. The publication contains these texts.

Price: HUF 150 or available in exchange.

VIDEO-EXPEDITION IN THE PERFORMANCE-WORLD (Artpool, 1995, A/4, 32 pages, ofset)

Catalog of the performance-video festivals and summary of the performance year including description of, and information on the videos, photographs, an index, and brief introductory notes by some experts of the topic.

Price: HUF 200 or available in exchange.

The Year of Installation at Artpool: Installation Project 1998 (Artpool, 1999, A/4, 32 pages, ofset)

Catalogue of the project and the events held during “The Year of Installation”. (English–Hungarian)

Price: €5 or available in exchange.

(Artpool and Enciklopédia Kiadó, 1996, B/5, 320 pages, ofset, 1500 numbered copies, copies 1-300 are collector copies signed and individualized by the artist. ISBN 963 8477 16 4)

This bilingual (English-Hungarian) volume, which served as a catalog for Galántai´s exhibition at Ernst Múzeum in 1993, is an extraordinary amalgam of 432 black and white and 75 colour illustrations. It was designed by the artist who is also one of the editors.

The introductory chapter is written by Géza Perneczky and an “interactive” biography rounds off the volume while the most part is made up of Galántai’s diary covering 13 themes. Beside giving an overview of Galántai’s artistic activity from the sixties to 1993 this publication presents the specific cultural milieu of Central-Eastern-Europe through the artist’s search for his personality, identity, and tasks. The reader is offered a wide range of artistic techniques, as well as, techniques of survival while he becomes partner in a great artistic adventure guided by the artist.

Read the Biography Chapter (pdf, 287 KB)

Price: €15 or available on exchange.

Törvénytelen avantgárd. Galántai György Balatonboglári Kápolnaműterme 1970–1973. – (Illegal Avantgarde, Chapel Studio of György Galántai in Balatonboglár 1970–1973), Artpool – Balassi, Budapest, 2003 (edited by Júlia Klaniczay and Edit Sasvári), A4, 459 p.

download the pdf from here (25MB)

Price: €50

Parastamp. Four Decades of Artistamps, from Fluxus to the Internet. – exhibition catalogue, Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 2007., 108 p.

(catalogue of the exhibition from the artistamp collection of Artpool Art Research center, with an introduction by Peter Frank, an essay by Kata Bodor art historian and an interview with György Galántai, organiser of the exhibition) (English–Hungarian)

Price: €25

Robert Watts: Flux Med. – Exhibition catalogue, Artpool, Budapest 2008

48 pages, with essays by Francesco Conz, Larry Miller and Geofrrey Hendricks (English–Hungarian)

Price: €25

FLUXUS. Interjúk, szövegek, események–esetek. (FLUXUS: interviews, texts, events), Artpool–Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest, 2008 (edited by Júlia Klaniczay and Annamária Szőke), 350 p.


Texts edited and notes written by: Júlia Klaniczay. Postscript by: László L. Simon, Artpool – Magyar Műhely Kiadó, Budapest, 2010
(in Hungarian) Book supplement: Manifeste Dimensioniste, 1936 (reprint of the French original)

+ a related study in English:
Oliver A. I. Botar: Charles Sirató and the Manifeste Dimensioniste
manuscript, 1998, circulated by the Artpool Art Research Centre, Budapest with the author's permission, 2010

Price: €25

Leopold Bloom Planetoida. Edited by Péter Abajkovics and Ákos Székely, foreword: András Kappanyos, Artpool – Magyar Műhely Kiadó, Budapest, 2012 (240 pages, 300 illustrations), 23,5x23,5 cm (English–Hungarian), published in 500 copies

Publication documenting the Bloomsday festivals (1995–2009) and the 23 issues of the international bookwork magazine Leopold Bloom.

Price: €25 or available in exchange.

ARTPOOL - The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe (History of an active archive for producing, networking, curating, and researching art since 1970)

Edited by György Galántai and Julia Klaniczay. Foreword by Kristine Stiles, Artpool - Budapest, 2013, 21 x 29.7 cm, 536 pages, with approx 1500 b&w and color illustratons, index of names, softcover, English, published in 500 numbered copies.

download the pdf from here (85MB)

Price: €55


Monument Square Postcards, Artpool, Budapest, 1997 (an edition of of 56 cards selected from the 134 works received for the project to transform a postcard showing Budapest's Heroes square).

Price: €25 or available in exchange.