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Art on the Internet

From January 1996 Internet access is provided free of charge during the opening hours to artists and researchers. Continuously updated selection of bookmarks of the most interesting art home pages facilitate the research.

23–25 April 1996 - Segment/Porte: Paris-Venice-Budapest-Skopje

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae is an interactive art event consisting of segment-events that take place simultaneously in different places, interconnected by post, telephone, fax and internet. Some nodal locations will have pre-planned ambient installations as the starting point. These installations will use material from past events as a base for the new one.
Your action will transform the situation, enlarging it beyond the starting installation and creating other events elsewhere. A net of material-virtual relations will thus be formed, generating an energy which enable us to sense the direction of the process of change, leading us to actions which will give an irrational, natural sense to the form of event.

Paris: Galerie Multimedia ISEA
Venice: International Conference of Museums and Exhibitions, Museum Correr
Budapest: Artpool Art Research Center – Curriculum Vitae
Skopje: City Museum

(project by Evgenija Demniewska)

3–7 June 1996

The Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts at Artpool

From June 3 to 7: works by students of the Intermedia Department
On Friday, June 7, from 4 p.m.: meeting, information, documentation [video]

29 May–19 June 1996 - Hungarian Institute

Artpool at the Institut Hongrois in Paris

Exhibition of the international HANDS project from May 29 through June 19, 1996.
On May 31, at 8 p.m.: lecture and video screening about Artpool’s history and its activities [original invitation]

27 September–13 October 1996 - Budapest Autumn Festival

cd-roms and web pages [original invitation]

picture-poetry open air exhibition at the Liszt Ferenc square [original invitation]

8 November 1996

On Line and On Site

travelling the highway and the electronic highway

an exchange and communication project
presented by Johan van Dam, curator and András Zwickl, art critic on Friday, November 8, 5 p.m. at Artpool

In August 1996 two artists from Budapest, Gábor Györfi and Csaba Nemes went for a three month working period to Rotterdam where they worked on a common website related to Dutch bikes and windows. Two artists from Rotterdam came to work in Budapest: Graziella Tomasi spreads tulipbulbs in Budapest and Hanneke Breuker makes ‘portraits’: of the city and of people living in Budapest. The presentation of the first outcomes of these works on the common website was at Artpool.

15 November, 5 p.m. at Artpool


Multi-media presentation simultanously at various places of the world of a video work by Igor Mischiyev based on the comic book figure, Silver Surfer. In four 8 minutes episodes through architecture as a supporting character, Silver Surfer interacts with time, space, history and politics. [original invitation]

Follow the event on line http://www.net-dept.de/whirl/comics/silversurfer/

27 November, 5. p.m. at Artpool

“I gave my subconscious a camera, and promised not to interfere”

Barbara Rosenthal (New York)

A slide audio presentation and reading-room presentation of all the stages in the hand-made and published 15 avant-garde bookworks and conceptual photographic wall-works by Barbara Rosenthal.

Slide-audio piece involving the photographic images in “Sensations” and “Homo Futurus” [original invitation]

about bookworks see: Ulises Carrión: The New Art of Making Books (1975)

26 November 1996–January 5 1997

Fluxus Videos at Artpool

on the occasion of the exhibition “Fluxus in Germany from 1962–1994” at the Palace of Art of Budapest

In addition to displaying the original works of Fluxus artists, part of the exhibition is the presentation of the documentation of important festivals, concerts and artists that have been introduced in Germany over the last thirty years. Beside the works that were created in the early years of concerts and group performances, the exhibition shows the continued work of artists working in Germany. Thirty of the most prominent figures of the Fluxus phenomenon, who among others include: Joseph Beuys, John Cage, George Maciunas and Nam June Paik, have more than three hundred of their original pieces – objects, graphics and musical scores – exhibited. The original text and photo documents are supported by rarely shown Fluxus films, radio plays, taped readings, recordings, and excerpts from concerts will be presented to the public during the exhibition in the Palace of Art. An exhibition catalogue in German and a collection of texts in Hungarian will be published to accompany the exhibition.

As part of the event, the Artpool Art Research Center provides internet access free of charge to visitors interested in the topic and presents a Fluxus video programme during the exhibition.

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