The express objective of the Context Project is mapping and interpreting the correspondences, similarities and connection points between real and virtual space by using network places as a tool. Thus, basically, the same content can be reached from all the five “main pages” but in different contexts so they will not be exactly the same. After leaving the main page, the smaller contents are organised according to the same principle: the individual parts automatically generate new contexts. Starting from any place, it can be established that the world is made up of the contexts of the multitude of worlds but this multitude is one after all because only one virtual world can exist for one individual.


Specifications, definitions, approaches, texts and quotes, connection points on other pages. Contextual art pages on the worldwide web. (contextual art on the Internet)

The presentations can take any form from readings, performances, slide show presentations, guided tours, discussions, brainstorming etc. The invited performers can put together the programme according to their own bias and they can determine the real environment of their performances in regard to both content and genre. Answers given to questions with references to works and documents lend authenticity to the performances.

The material of the works, installations, shows and exhibitions are original artworks supplemented with direct or indirect documents drawing on the body of experiences in which the given works were conceived and in which they can be interpreted. Artpool P60 and the online place set up on Artpool’s homepage, for which this page is one of the nodes, correspond to each other.

    The main objective of a plan is to be defined by the temporal contexts of art.

    Changing and unchanging circumstances become cognisable in each other’s contexts.

    The reconstruction of positive and negative social relations provides a kind of authentic overview.

    Events outside of art can be read as being part of art.

    Future-oriented contexts provide inspiration for what is worth doing.