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2000, the last year of the 20th century, interpreted as the zero-year of the 21st century is suitable to be the YEAR of the CHANCE project of Artpool Art Research Center, for it “zeros” what has happened so far, and thus attempts to generate, out of the chances, a “self-assembling” refurbishment and approaches the IMPOSSIBLE (2001). [call]

17 January, 2000

for the 1000037th Anniversaire de l’Art (Art’s Birthday)

we updated our FILLIOU WEB-SITE

Robert FILLIOU proclaimed Jan.17 (his Birthday) to be Art’s Anniversary. This arbitrary and revendicative act projected a utopic desire for worldwide official proclamation of AA by political powers in the spirit of La Fête permanente and recognition of artist work and implication. People and groups gather each year celebrating and promoting AA and activate for its political officialisation.

17–31 March, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space - Budapest Spring Festival

FLUXUS FLAGS and other documents from 1992

international exhibition [invitation]

Two monks were arguing about a flag.
One said, “The flag is moving.”
The other said, “The wind is moving.”
The sixth patriarch happened to pass by.
He said, “Not the wind, not the flag; mind is moving.” (Mu-Mon)

/Ken Friedman, 1992/

a video screening of Fluxus videos is accompanying the show (list of videos - in Hungarian)

14–28 April, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space

International Hungary in 1984

Reconstruction of the exhibition opened 16 years ago,on 27 January 1984, Young Artists’ Club, Budapest, with works by 46 Hungarian and 58 foreign artists from 18 countries, and banned on the spot by the authorities, for so called “professional” reasons. (Catalog published in 1989).

The reconstruction follows the secret police reports made about the exhibition with detailed description of the “dangerous” artworks found recently at the History Archives. [invitation]

5–19 May, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space

Money after Money – Money by Artists

international exhibition accompanied with videos about “different music”

Robert Watts the American fluxus artist drew his Dollar Bill in 1962 which then became an important piece in the history of artists’ money. The ironic gesture through which the money became a new art medium was followed by many artists… [invitation]

5–16 June, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space

Circa 30 years ago
Chapel Exhibitions in Balatonboglár (1970–1973)

exhibition and video documents [invitation]

The Chapel Studio was organized and ran by György Galántai between 1970 and 1973 at Balatonboglár. Altogether 35 exhibitions, concerts, poetry recitals, theatrical performances, and film showings were held in those 4 years, featuring the best of Hungary’s (undesirable) avant-garde artists, and guest artists from abroad. Some highlights: 1972: the first exhibition of conceptual art in Hungary; Avant-Garde Festival (which had been banned in Budapest); István Haraszty’s kinetic statues (banned in Budapest); 1972–73: performances by the banned Kassák Theater; 1973: the first exhibition of visual poetry in Hungary; etc.

For Hungarian readers see the History of the Balatonboglar Chapel exhibitions

31 August–24 September, 2000 - Műcsarnok

Media Model - Intermedia - New Image Genres - Interactive Techniques

Time and Intermedia

Presentation of Artpool publications from the 90s and the “Chance diary”.

event of the Budapest Autumn Festival

14–27 October, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space

“Add to” art

Reconstruction and an interactive exhibition of the network projects of the last twenty years. In the co-operative artworks produced by more artists chance has a great part. [invitation]

Opening event at the Ede day festival
14 October, 2000 - 12 a.m.

Biker and walker concert [invitation]

27–28 October, 2000 - Almássy tér

in the framework of “Kis utazás”, festival of the 70s and 80s

TTT collection from the Artpool Archive

exhibition of posters, publications and documents of the Ministry of Home Affairs [invitation]

3 December, 2000–31 January, 2001


Artpool publications and tools, documents of the Ministry of Home Affairs from the 1980s are exhibited on the “Exhibition on Samizdat Publications” of Open Society Archives.

8–28 December, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space

Chance Art

Closing event of the year

International exhibition of chance works of Hungarian artists and quanta sent for the CHANCE FUTURE network project of Artpool.
This is a world full of molecules, photons, protons, quarks and shooting electrons. A world where space shrivels so much that in the end it fuses with time. These systems are ruled by chance, future is not certainly, exactly determined by the present. [invitation]

Opening event:
excerpts from the chance opera “Nice Air” by Kristóf Wéber, performed by Zsuzsanna Fülöp.

28 December, 2000 - Artpool P60 art space

Chance Club

meeting by chance

The main topic of the meeting is coexistence of possible and impossible… is it possible that this event, as an evolutioanary chance, becomes the starting point of THE YEAR OF IMPOSSIBLE (2001)…? [invitation]