Barbara Rosenthal's Publications

Books, Pamphlets, Interactive Novelties

7. RETROSPECTIVE s.p., N.Y.C., 1994

12 pps. 4 x 4, patterned spine, B&W cover featuring photograph of Rosenthal in her 1,000 sq. ft. studio, the 20' ceiling raised above 12 of her large photo-conceptual wall pieces, shown at her 1976-94 Retrospective at The 450 Broadway Gallery soon after this book was published. This book serving as the exhibition catalogue.

8. CHILDREN'S SHOES s.p., N.Y.C., 1992

64 pps. xerox, acetate overlay cover with under-cover of black, white, deep turquoise and rose patterned color laser print. Hand collated and bound and saddle stitched. Direct-image xeroxes on patterned cloths, of the ' hand-me-down shoes of the artist's children. The only line of text reads, "Some people have bronzed their, children's shoes. I have xeroxed mine."


5 1/2 x 8 1/2, saddle-stitched, blue cover. This is an eight-page pamphlet, published separately from the three volumes. A brief introduction by the author to the Clues To Myself Sensations, and Homo Futurus trilogy published by Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1981, 1984, 1986.

10. OLD ADDRESS BOOK s.p., N.Y.C., 1985

48pps. 4 x 7, saddle-stitched, distinctive black and white patterned spine ad cover. This trompe-l'oeil address book is and edition of hand-crafted direct-image xerox copies of the actual 1985 address book of the artist. "I a]ways kept my address book hidden. When this book was so worn out I had to recopy it, I was afraid to throw it in the wastebasket. When I thought of saving it, I thought of publishing it."

11. HOMO FUTURUS Blank Book s.p., N.Y.C., 1984

1 printed page, 70 blank pages,.5 1/2 x 8 1/2, printed spine, "perfect-bound", gray and black cover. A blank book, this is the forerunner of Homo Futurus, VSW Press, 1986. Instructions in HOMO FUTURUS Blank Book direct purchaser to "do whatever you wish: pass it on, write or produce images in it, send it back to Barbara Rosenthal for correspondence exhibition, etc, or back to Printed Matter to be sold again, etc., etc." A forum for sharing ideas.

12. STRUCTURE AND MEANING s.p., N.Y.C., 1981

Notes on the Structure and meaning of Clues To Mvself , 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, yellow cover, saddle-stitched. A twelve-page pamphlet of analysis by Barbara Rosenthal of Clues To Myself, a book of her photographs and writings published in 1981 by Visual Studies Workshop Press. The pamphlet divides Clues To Myself into sections reflecting separate "sources of artistic insight" and interprets all photographs and writings in terms of those sources to reveal and explicate the structural relationships between all the elements in the book, and examines their meanings to uncover the artist's world view.

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