2 July 1972 - Galántai informs those concerned about his declaration of the chapel as a private property by posting his “letter work” with the label CHAPEL = STUDIO, reproduced in 146 numbered copies.

6-9 July 1972 - “DIRECT WEEK” exhibition and events (organized by Gyula Pauer and Tamás Szentjóby).

6-10 July 1972 - The members of Pécsi Műhely/Pécs Workshop carry alternations of landscape in the chapel's surroundings for their planned exhibition (the works can be seen throughout summer).

10 July-3 August 1972 - An exhibition of Pécsi Műhely/Pécs Workshop (Ferenc Ficzek, Károly Halász, Károly Kismányoky, Ferenc Lantos, Sándor Pinczehelyi, Kálmán Szíjártó, Katalin Nádor) and the kinetic sculptures of István Haraszty.

15-16 July 1972 - Sign Action by György Galántai. He paints one sign onto the tower of the chapel, and others by the paths leading to the exhibitions and the churchyard.

György GALÁNTAI: Sign action

27 July 1972 - István Haraszty and György Galántai start a collective action with the visitors called “You Open The Exhibition Today.” In the evening, supported with a slide show, György Galántai lectures on the previous exhibitions.

28 July 1972 - On the action “You Open The Exhibition Today” Galántai takes photographs of the entering visitors - documenting the reactions that express a sense of responsibility.