Artpool events - 4 October 1994 - French Institute


In the frame of the Budapest Autumn Festival, cooperating with the Association Polyphonix (Paris). Lectures at three places on three topic: "EVENING OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOUND-POETRY", "FILM AND POETRY", "TRANSFUTURIST SOUNDS" , with the participation of 22 artists from 9 country. The documentation of the festival can be found in the catalogue entitled POLYPHONIX 26 - BUDAPEST.


Silent film rarities of the Cinémathèque of Parigi with live sound accompaniment:

         Le chrysantème rouge (1912), [video]
         accompanied by Zsolt Kovács, Dénes Lévai, Zsolt Sőrés (14:01)
         La création de la serpentine (1909), [video]
         accompanied by Gábor Tóth (3:54)
         La Maison du Mystère, [video]
         accompanied by Jacqueline Cahen (6:00)
         El sueño de un pintor, [video]
         accompanied by Endre Szkárosi (6:57)
         La Fée Printemps (1902), [video]
         accompanied by Tibor Papp (4:33)
         Jobard ne peut pas voir une femme travailler (1911), [video]
         accompanied by Bernard Heidsieck (3:03)
         Les hommes sandwiches, [video]
         accompanied by Julien Blaine (6:21)

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Artpool events - 4 October 1994 - French Institute

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