Artpool events - 2 October 1994 - Kolibri Theatre


In the frame of the Budapest Autumn Festival, cooperating with the Association Polyphonix (Paris). Lectures at three places on three topic: "EVENING OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOUND-POETRY", "FILM AND POETRY", "TRANSFUTURIST SOUNDS" , with the participation of 22 artists from 9 country. The documentation of the festival can be found in the catalogue entitled POLYPHONIX 26 - BUDAPEST.


Introduction by Tibor Papp

The international POLYPHONIX FESTIVAL , giving contemporary poetry, music and performance an opportunity to get into direct contact with the audience, was born in Paris fifteen years ago. It was established by the French poet, painter and performer, Jean-Jaques Lebel with tha contribution of writers and artists, poets and musicians gathering around him.

In the desert of everyday routine the POLYPHONIX FESTIVAL is a nomadic caravan of poetry guided by the compass of art alone. Ever since its beginnings the aim of the POLYPHONIX FESTIVAL has been to establish direct contact between artists and audience, to eliminate the mediator pushing itself between the poet and listener, and to shoo the sharks of culture away from the passage between the artist and his viewer.

The permanent seraglio of the caravan is in Paris where its poet-servants organise literary performances and sound-poetry evenings yearly, mainly in the Pompidou Cultural Centre but also in other cultural institutions such as the Hungarian Institute in Paris in 1987. The caravan, et present headed by Jean.Jaques Lebel, Jaqueline Cahen and Tibor Papp has been travelling around over half of the world. They have been in New York where they performed in the Museum of Modern Art for a week, in San Francisco, Quebec, Milan, Parma, Rome, Naples and Marseille. They visited Szeged and Budapest in 1988, and most recently Liège and Brussels.

The POLYPHONIX FESTIVAL is the home of contemporary arts, contemporary poetry, contemporary music. It has a contemporary voice and devices, and is also open to every trend and style which is not against the elementary rules of human coexistence. So far more than eight hundred artists have performed at the events of the Festival.

It was a great pleasure for the POLYPHONIX FESTIVAL to accept the invitation of ARTPOOL and choose Budapest as its 26th destination. The caravan has come to Hungary to celebrate. The huge tent, which we will set up in our minds, will be lined with the carpets of good-will, peaceful coexistence, liberated spirit, respect for our fellow poets, artists and human beings, artistic curiosity about the world, respect for creative work and tolerance. For three nights this scenery is going to serve as the spiritual backdrop to the Hungarian, Polish, German, French, Belgian, Italian, Russian and Austrian poets who will reveal themselves to the world.

Art of the flower of peace – thus the caravan of the POLYPHONIX FESTIVAL are unarmed. People, animal, poets, camels, performers and birds march forward leaving our century behind. Even the dogs fall silent – only the proverb* turns around the words, saying to us (with the cold precision of a diagnosis): the cannon barks! Still, the caravan keeps going.

Tibor Papp

* "The dog barks but the caravan keeps going" – a Hungarian proverb meaning approximately: "Time and tide wait for no man".

         Új Tré Trió: Rüh éra (13:12) [video]
         Piotr Rypson: Polish Futurist Poetry (5:57) [video]
         Pál Nagy: Face Space / with Zsolt Sőrés (12:23) [video]
         Maurizio Nannucci: Found Sound (2:50) [video]
         Bernard Heidsieck: Poem Partition V. (12:33) [video]
         Timm Ulrichs: Interval Signals (14:35) [video]
         László Sáry-András Petőcz: Space-Time (5:14) [video]
         Piotr Rypson: Writing is the filling of emptyness (5:38) [video]
         Piotr Rypson: I call myself I don't know (3:21) [video]
         József Juhász R.: Contraversion (5:33) [video]
         Gyula Somogyi: Without Title 1., 2., 3. (7:18) [video]
         Jacqueline Cahen: Rolls and Slides / with Pál Nagy (6:08) [video]
         Ernst Jandl: Devil Trap (10:04) [video]
         Julien Blaine: Ecfruiture (6:46) [video]

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Artpool events - 2 October 1994 - Kolibri Theatre

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