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February 20–21, 2020 Museum of Fine Arts, Schickedanz Hall, Budapest

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Klara Kemp-Welch [Biography]

Snapshot from video recording of lecture by Klara Kemp-Welch

Networking the Bloc: Critical Reflections on Art Historical Method


This paper seeks to elucidate the methodological challenges of studying international artists’ networks, with attention to the specificities of the late Cold War context. My focus will be on the questions I confronted while working with living artists, personal and institutional archives while researching and writing the book Networking the Bloc: Experimental Art in Eastern Europe 1965– 1981 (published in 2018). Looking back at the project, I discuss how its working structure evolved over the course of ten years, and how its final shape related to my research questions and methodology, considering the advantages and limitations of the book’s approach. The main aim of the paper is to explore Networking the Bloc in relation to the question of “grounded theory” and recent developments in art historical methodology more broadly.