(chance: only possible relative to something and beyond something)


TIME and intermedia

Questions related to the Műcsarnok exhibition titled
Media Modell Intermedia - New Image Genres - Interactive Techniques

time=chance (?)
space=chaos (?)

chance=inter (?)
chaos=media (?)

Is “intermedia” TIME in space,
i.e. chance within chaos (?)

TIME exists by not existing, or rather only by chance (Albert Einstein: “Every observer has their ‘own local time’; every moving coordinate system has its own clock. There is no absolute time to tell what time it is in the universe.”)

SPACE (chaos = media) exists so that time can be perceived (Dick Higgins: “The ready-made, or found object [is] in a sense an intermedium since it was not intended to conform to the pure medium, usually suggests this, and therefore suggests a location in the field between the general area of art media and those of life media.”)

The ‘found object’ is an element of SPACE, a chance occurrence in the time of a moving coordinate system. In the virtual space of art and in the space of the “real objects” of life, manipulated by politics, it is science that enlightens the ever-transforming ‘random diaries’.

Each ‘random diary’ is a bundle of coordinate systems, a kind of moving pattern formation perpetually taking on different configurations.

The clearly perceptible (and imperceptible) pattern formation of the ‘random diary’ is outside all known medial possibilities and it will not become possible to classify it among other media later on either. (Tamás St.Auby: “Taking the word ‘medium’ in a more restricted meaning, in the sense of artistic media, intermedia art deals with the area outside the areas manifest through these media.”)

In the case of the ‘random diary’, time or chance could be a medium, which is absurd, but since it nevertheless acts as a medium, it can be said that the absolute (or real) possibility of intermedia is demonstrated here.

The ‘secret’ probably lies in the fact that the term ‘intermedia’ points beyond media, where ‘random diary’-like constructions convey content, absorbing everything that has been a medium up to now. In other words, the ‘random diary’ is a self-assembling system in which any medium is randomly present in its own time. (György Galántai)