The Telematic Society: art in the ‘fourth dimension’

A telematikus társadalom: művészet „a negyedik dimenzióban”


Mark Bloch announces 2004 – The Year of Decompression

After decades of hoarding, being too small, too large, too dull and too invisible and after taking the advice of Duchamp and going/being underground, both intentionally and unintentionally, and after boycotting both the World-Wide Decentralized Networker Congress Year 1992 and the Incongruous Meetings Year 1998 because I felt they were redundant, irrelevant, unnecessary and redundant, and in honor of the OA04 Year of Obscure Actions and the Artpool Telematic Society, Art in the Fourth Dimension project, I declare that I, Mark Bloch, also known as Panman, the Post Art Network, Panscan and other mismonikers, will enthusiastically perform one major act of creative decompression during every month of 2004 to repay my gratitude to all the people who have been so kind to me all over the planet. Because surprising and generous acts of kindness have come to me from all over the world, I will attempt to humbly spread it back, reaching out as far as I can, from as deep within my soul as I am able to muster. I will do so abundantly and lovingly, to be of service to anyone and everyone I can, but in particular for those wonderful people, living and dead, real and imagined, who have directly, indirectly and anonymously enriched my life with their own generous, abundant loving acts of kindness. I promise to decompress, to spread, to share, to disperse, to disseminate, to explode at least 12 times throughout the calendar year of 2004, with creative, loving and healing energy.

If I am unable for any reason to do this in hard copy or unable for any reason to do this electronically, I will do it meta-telematically in other words, via extra sensory means and/or whatever is necessary to make the communication. I hope you have received previously sent messages of this kind.

Mark BLOCH (USA) artistamp | In the spirit of Marcel Duchamp