The Telematic Society: art in the ‘fourth dimension’

A telematikus társadalom: művészet „a negyedik dimenzióban”


In the fourth dimension

All women should wear bras.

No noticeable bulges below the waist for men.
No hats or sunglasses or part of a uniform.
No bare feet.
No bandannas, head scarves, tight skirts, low cleavage, bare midriffs, shorts sleeveless blouses, tank tops.

Shoes must have only black, brown, or white shoelaces.

No designer tennis shoes, team jackets, or patches.
No religious jewelry.
No hanging keychains.
No big hair on women.
No boxer shorts showing.
No nail polish.
No visible tattoos, scars, broken teeth, moles, disfigurements.
No hand-holding or other displays of affection.
No gum-chewing.
No holiday decorations.

Dogs and cats should not be on the furniture.

Anthony J. GNAZZO (USA)