6-9 July 1972 - “DIRECT WEEK” exhibition, events (organized by Gyula Pauer and Tamás Szentjóby). Participants: László Beke, Miklós Erdély, Gyula Gulyás, Miklós Haraszti, László Haris, Ágnes Háy, Tamás Hencze, Péter Lajtai, Péter Legéndy, József V. Molnár , Gyula Pauer, Margit Rajczi, Tamás Szentjóby, Endre Tót. [snapshots: 1, 2]

Gyula Pauer: Sculpture

Gyula Pauer: Mobile Project

Inscription on the side of the pedestal:
“Have you ever observed that ticket inspectors resemble each other in regard to their form too? – Gyula Pauer”
(same inscription translated into German and Russian)

works presented at the exhibition:

László Beke: Diary of Chance
Miklós Erdély: Brushwood is the Proletarian of Fuel
Péter Legéndy: Plum-dumpling - Notice of Appeal Form
Gyula Pauer: Sculpture - Marx-Lenin - Mobile Project - Pseudo ad
Tamás Szentjóby: Exclusion exercise. Punishment-preventive Autotherapy
Tamás Szentjóby: Conflagration model
Endre Tót's telegramm and letter

8 July 1972 - In the course of the program “DIRECT WEEK” performances, actions and events are held by the participants of the “Avant-garde Festival” banned in Budapest.