kazetta-rádió, rádió-munka / casette-radio, radio-work


West Germany: Kassel, 18 June, with Jürgen O. Olbrich, Diana and Buster Cleveland, E.F.Higgins III., Monty Cantsin, Wulle Konsumkunst, Pete Horobin, Peter Below etc. at the Bier Garden near the Orangerie (Dokumenta 7) / (AL3)
[sound/hang 9'37'']

Holland: Maastricht, 24 june, with Rod Summers at the V.E.C. and a telephone talk with Henryk Gajewski actually living in Amsterdam / (AL4) [sound/hang 6'59'']

Belgium: Antwerpen, 26 June, with Ann and Guy Schraenen [sound/hang 2'05'']

France: Paris, 28 June - 5 July - rue St. Germaine in the evening, - a café near the Flea Market, - rush hours, - with Michel Giroud at the Galery Lara Vincy. [sound/hang 5'47'']

Le Moulin de Ventabren, 7 July, - the concert of crickets, - with Julien Blaine and his family / (AL2)
[sound/hang 4'32'']

Antibes, 9 July, - the bells, - with Ben Vautier in a café after the opening of Martial Raysse´s exhibition and [sound/hang 4'18'']

Nice, 10 July, at Ben´s house on the big Face to Face debate about new realism, attitude art and free figuration (AL1) [sound/hang 3'10'']

Italy: Dego, 11 July, with Bruno Chiarlone
[sound/hang 0'47'']

Genova, 12 July, with Plinio Mesciulam/Mohammed [sound/hang 2'20'']

Forte dei Marmi, 13-16 July, with Cavellini, Vittore Baroni, E.F.Higgins III. and Maurizio Bianchi at the restaurant of Hotel Ritz and on the beach [sound/hang 5'54'']

Mulino di Bazzano, 18 July, with Adriano Spatola
[sound/hang 4'23'']

Parma, 19 July, with Romano Peli and his family
[sound/hang 2'24'']

Milano, 21 July, with Ugo Carrega at the Mercato del Sale [sound/hang 2'46'']

Monza, 25 July, with Nicola Frangione and his family [sound/hang 1'10'']

Venezia, 27 July, a gondola in the evening, - the Biennale, at the exhibition of Dieter Roth [sound/hang 1'51'']

Bertiolo - Codroipo, Piermario Ciani, 29 July, experts from the TRAX first album: TRAX 0982 XTRA [sound/hang 3'03'']

Compiled by / Összeállította: Galántai György

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