Mail Art Chro No Logy
Networking Has Changed My Life, performative presentation

Organizer(s): Küstermann, Peter

Location: Artpool P60, Budapest

Date: 8 November, 2006

Number of participants:

Document(s): Invitation, Photos, Article

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool

Available for research at Artpool: Invitation, Photos, Article

„A performance and slide show were devoted to the life of a multilingual world citizen using the pseudonym Peter Netmail, which revealed how, thanks to the Decentralised World Congresses, Peter made it into the Guinness World Records. In a travelling artist postman’s costume Peter presented the multifarious networking activity he is carrying out as a mail artist, writer, painter, performer, filmmaker, art critic, gallery owner and organiser of programmes in a cultural centre located in an old church building.” Artpool

Mail Art Chro No Logy

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