Mail Art Chro No Logy

Introduction to Mail Art Chro-No-Logy[1] – a work in progress

We started to work on this online Mail Art Chro-No-Logy in 2015, elaborating the chronology of the international Mail Art network. The starting point of our editorial research was the collection of materials (works, project documentations, correspondence and other publications) which has been accumulated by György Galántai’s and Júlia Klaniczay’s creative and organizational activities. These materials in question have been systematized by the archivists working at Artpool. The collection had been complemented by various Correspondence Art / Networker archives donated to Artpool (by, among others, Gábor Tóth, Mario Lara, Patricia Collins, Pete Horobin, Klaus Groh and Peter Küstermann). On the other hand we leaned on the international Mail Art chronology published by John Held, Jr., listing projects from 1970 to 1985[2] as well as on the easy-to-use online Lomholt Mail Art Archive launched by Niels Lomholt in 2014.

The Move Your Archives (M.Y.A. 2016) project was announced by Vittore Baroni for the year of 2016; his project met with a warm response[3], and many former and current participants shared the most interesting parts of their archives through various forums and media[4]. In joining this project hereby we announce our chronology: we hope that artists and researchers interested in these fields are going to find it a good source for their works in the near future.

We kindly ask our visitors to send us materials missing from our chronology (and also from Artpool’s archive). We know about many past projects which we couldn’t include as except an invitation/call we have no documents about the realization of it.

We have already been in touch with a couple of artists during the last two and a half years. We’d like to thank the following networkers for helping us by sending missing documents for our research: John Held, Jr., Alexander Hirka, Larry Rippel, Herbert Rodriguez, Vittore Baroni és Chuck Welch.

We’d like to call your attention on our reader section too, which contains source texts from the examined period. These texts are going to be available both in English and Hungarian.

Viktor Kotun, Budapest, 2016.

[notes about the sources]

[1] Compiled at Artpool Art Research Center by Viktor Kotun, peer review: György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay, web design and editing: György Galántai, Márton Kristóf and Dániel Varga, text edited and published by Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest 2015–
[2] International Artist Cooperation: Mail Art Shows, 1970-1985, Dallas Public Library, Dallas, Texas, USA, 1986, 145 p. (Ed. by John Held Jr.)
[3] See the article of John Held Jr.
[4] See for example the blitz action organized by David Dellafiora

Mail Art Chro No Logy

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