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Mail Art and Correspondence Art Chronology

Notes on sources

Artpool = Documentation available at Artpool Art Research Center

Galántai = information to be found in Galántai, György: The Chronology of Hungarian Correspondence Art and Mail Art,, 1998 (in print: Galántai, György: Kísérlet a magyar kapcsolat- és küldeményművészet kronológiájának összeállítására, in: Beke László (ed.): Mail Art szöveggyűjtemény, Műcsarnok, Budapest, 1998, pp. 21–59.)

Held = information to be found in John Held, Jr.: International Artist Cooperation: Mail Art Shows, 1970-1985, Dallas Public Library, Dallas, Texas, USA, 1986, 145 p.
Source indications used by Held, referred here in:

Lomholt = Digitized documentation available at the Lomholt Mail Art Archive

Welch = Information located in The Eternal Network Mail Art Archive and referenced in Chuck Welch (ed.): Crackerjack Mail Art Vitae 1979-1981: A compendium of Cracker Jack Kid's first Mail Art contacts with friends and the mail art exhibitions he entered, Netshaker Press, Peterborough, NH 2017.

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