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New York Correspondance School (NYCS), project

Organizer(s): Johnson, Ray

Location: New York, USA

Date: 1962–

Number of participants:

Document(s): Articles, Letters, Collages etc.

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Ray Jonhson Estate

Available for research at Artpool: Letters

Bibliography: Wilson, William S.: Ray Johnson: NY Correspondance School, Art and Artists 1 (April 1966), pp. 54–57.,
Bourdon, David – Philip Leider: The New York Correspondence School, Artforum, 6, October, 1967, pp. 50–55.,
Klaniczay, Júlia – György Galántai: Correspondence Art of Ray Johnson, in: artpool. hu, 1997

“In 1962, Johnson initiated a series of mailings instructing the recipient to add something to the work received and send it on to someone else, who would follow the same instructions. That same year, he founded the New York Correspondence School, a fictional entity that served as a conceptual base for his mailings over the next three decades.” Marcin, Mauricio: Mail Art from Mexico (via the world): An Erratic Investigation, in:

“Ed Plunkett baptizes the New York Correspondence School, by now an international network of individuals who exchange missives and mail art through the postal system. Johnson renames it the New York Correspondance (sic) School (NYCS) and alternates the spelling (Correspondence and Correspondance).” Chronology, in

Mail Art Chro No Logy

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