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Introduction by Gerald X. Jupitter - Larsen (Canada)

Jupitter-Larsen, Gerald X: Introduction by Gerald X. Jupitter - Larsen (Canada), in: Commonpress No. 56. Commonpress Retrospective, Administration Center, Wellen, Belgium - Museum het Toreke, Tienen, Belgium, September, 1984, pp. 115–116. (Ed. By Guy Bleus)

III. Commonpress - Retrospective : 1977 - 1984

III.1. What is Commonpress? (about commonpress) (CP) III.2. Introduction by Paweł Petasz (Poland).
III.3. Introduction by Gerald X. Jupitter - Larsen (Canada)

Commonpress isn't just an alternative magazine of art, but a kind of an ongoing international performance. A performance in which each participant is encouraged to edit A publish an edition of the magazine with his own theme in his own format. It is a collective performance; created, produced, & shared by its many contributors.

Eye see the relationships between each issue of Commonpress & its participants as some what like "multidimensional thinking"; that is, the algorithm of relationships & non-relationships between & within combined combinations & non-combinations of movement & stillness of ideas. This due to all of the many different themes & formats; how all of the contributors each react to each edition; & how the number on each Commonpress may tell you in what order the themes came into being, but not in what order each issue was, in fact, published. Which all makes this that mush more exciting.

My own edition, "Why I Hate The World" No. 59, was published back in 1982. And it was in that same year, after being invited by Commonpress founder Paweł Petasz, that eye started to act as the magazine's coordinator. Paweł became unable to coordinate the magazine himself, due to the disruption of his mail, which first started due to the events of martial law in his homeland of Poland.

Any way, till Paweł states otherwise, acting as the magazine's coordinator is something which eye'll keep on doing. For most Commonpress editions, my contribution has been nothing. One reason for this being that, by not sending something in to a participant for his theme, eye illustrate what that theme is by explaining what that same theme is not. This again, is like a kind of a performance.

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