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Stamp Dispenser, object

Organizer(s): Watts, Bob

Location: USA

Date: 1963–

Number of participants:

Document(s): Object, Artistamps, Article, Photos

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Stendhal Gallery

Available for research at Artpool: Article, Photo

Bibliography: Higgins, Hannah: Fluxus Experience, University of California Press, Berkeley — Los Angeles — London, 2002, pp. 140–143.
Held, John, Jr.: Robert Watts: The Complete Postage Stamp Sheets, 1961–1986, in:

"In 1963 Watts published his Yamflug/5 Post 5 postage stamp sheet to coincide with the Yam Festival activities he was coordinating with George Brecht. They were subsequently used in stamp dispenser machines and packaged for Implosions, his joint business venture with Maciunas." Held: op. cit.

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