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If I Had a Mind... Ich Stelle mir vor..., publication

Author(s)/Editor(s): Groh, Klaus

Publisher: Verlag DuMont Aktuell Schauberg, Köln, Germany

Date: 1971

Number of participants: 65

Document(s): Monography

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, E-Artexte

Available for research at Artpool: Monography

Image Bank Post Card Show, exhibition

Organizer(s): Image Bank (Michael Morris – Vincent Trasov) – Alvin Balkind

Location: Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia, Canada – The National Gallery, Ottawa, Canada; Western Front, Vancouver, Canada

Date: 1971–1977

Number of participants:

Document(s): Manuscript, Article (& works), Catalog, Catalog ad, List of Participants, Correspondence, Photo

Source(s) of the listed documents: Belkin,, Held [Crane], Invaluable, LeftMatrix, Morris

Available for research at Artpool: Catalog ad, Manuscript

Bibliography: Morris, Michael: A Brief History of Image Bank, manuscript
Banana, Anna: Mail Art: Canada & Western U.S.A, Mail Art Then and Now, The Flue, Vol. 4, No. 3–4 (special issue), 1984 Winter, pp. 25–28.

In Another Moment, exhibition

Organizer(s): Dimitrijević, Braco – Nena Dimitrijevic

Location: Gallery SKC, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Date: 15–20, 22–27, 29 September–3 October, 1971

Number of participants: 19

Document(s): Article, Catalog, Exhibition description

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, MOMA,

Available for research at Artpool: Catalog

Bibliography: Vesić, Jelena: At Another Moment – The First International exhibition of Conceptual Art in SKC – Belgrade, in

"In Another Moment, an exhibition at Gallery SKC in Belgrade in September 1971, replicated At the Moment, an exhibition in Zagreb a few months earlier. This catalogue, for the later exhibition, documents the first."

Mail Art – Communication à distance – Concept, exhibition

Organizer(s): Poinsot, Jean-Marc

Location: 7th Paris Biennial, Paris, France

Date: 1971

Number of participants:

Document(s): Catalog

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Biennale de Paris, Held [Crane]

Available for research at Artpool: Article, Catalog

Bibliography: Friedman, Ken: The Early Days of Mail Art, in: Welch, Chuck (ed.): Eternal Network. A Mail Art Anthology, University of Calgary Press, Calgary, 1995, pp. 3-16.,

"At the start of the 1970s, a number of exhibitions blossomed simultaneously that were to transform correspondence art and mail art from private activity to public access. The first projects were the major mail art shows organized by Marcia Tucker at the Whitney Museum, to which Ray Johnson’s personal friends and New York Correspondence School colleagues were invited, and the 1971 Biennal of Paris, curated by French art historian and critic Jean-Marc Poinsot, involving the several dozen figures who were at that time seen as the leading artists in the field." Friedman: op. cit.

NET, project

Organizer(s): Kozłowski, Jarosław – Andrzej Kostołowski

Location: Gallery Akumulatory 2, Poznań, Poland

Date: 1971–

Number of participants:

Document(s): Interview (video), Manifesto

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Post-MOMA

Available for research at Artpool: Manifesto (reprint by Perneczky, Géza)

Bibliography: Moskalewicz, Magdalena: Shared Language: Interview with Jarosław Kozłowski, in:
Rypson, Piotr: Mail Art in Poland, in: Osteuropa Mail Art Im Internationalen Netzwerk, Staatliches Museum Schwerin, 1996, p. 87. [Rypson publishes an other version of the NET manifesto.]

"When in 1971 Jarosław Kozłowski sent a manifesto of NET to over 350 addresses of artists and critics around the world, his intention was to create an open network for the communication of art ideas. Authored by him with Andrzej Kostołowski, the manifesto called for the exchange of “concepts, propositions, projects and other forms of articulation” without any central governance or coordination—a strictly anti-institutional, and a highly radical idea at the time, in the thoroughly controlled society of the People’s Republic of Poland. In fact, after initially producing a few addenda to the first mailing list and sending it to an even wider circle, Kozłowski stopped being able to control the network altogether.” Moskalewicz: op. cit.

New York Correspondence School Weekly Breeder, periodical (dadazine)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Friedman, Ken

Publisher: Ken Friedman, New York, USA

Date: 1971

Number of participants:

Document(s): Issues

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Cabinet du livre d'artiste

Available for research at Artpool:

Bibliography: Held, John, Jr.: Before Punk and Zines: Bay Area Dada, in:, 2010

“Spoofing both Ray Johnsons’ New York Correspondance (sic) School and the public school distributed Weekly Reader, Fluxus artist Ken Friedman began publishing a two-sheet newsletter in 1971, resulting in an address list fueling much of the avant-garde international activity in the early seventies.
Mancusi, writing with hindsight on the history of The NYCS Weekly Breeder in 1981, stated that, “In 1972 Ken Friedman asked Stu Horn to edit the Breeder. The Breeder at this point was making use more and more of collage. Later that year, before Stu left for Europe, he asked me to edit The Weekly Breeder, which I did (along with Bill Gaglione) until Fall 1974, when The Very Last Weekly Breeder was published. It was during this period that The Weekly Breeder served as a model for the numerous other ‘dadazines’ that soon blossomed around the country. In looking over these pages one should keep in mind that they predate today’s ‘punk’ graphics by almost 10 years.” Held, John, Jr.: Before Punk and Zines: Bay Area Dada, in:, 2010

Mail Art Chro No Logy

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