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Geiger, assembling periodical

Author(s)/Editor(s): Spatola, Adriano – Maurizio Spatola

Publisher: Edizioni Geiger, Torino, Italy

Date: 1967–1996

Number of participants:

Document(s): Nos. 1–10

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Fondazione Bonotto

Available for research at Artpool: No. 1, No. 2, Nos. 3–9

Bibliography: Bazzini, M. – M. Maffei: Geiger - Tèchne. Edizioni di poesia e arte, Gli Ori, Pistoia, 2002, p. 128

Process Poetry, movement


Location: Brazil

Date: 1967–1972

Number of participants: ca. 250

Document(s): Article, Call

Source(s) of the listed documents: Artpool, Caiana

Available for research at Artpool: Call

Bibliography: Gilbert, Zanna: Genealogical Diversions: Experimental Poetry Networks, Mail Art and Conceptualisms, in: CAIANA No. 4, 2014,
Pinto, Regina Célia: Entrevista Neide Sá, in:

"Process Poetry was founded as a movement in 1967, it happened simultaneously in various ‘points’ throughout Brazil: here in Rio, in the North-East in Natal and Recife, and in Minas [Gerais]. From 1967-1972, the Process Poetry movement came to have about 250 participating artists and poets. It was open to new participants so that mail was intensively employed – art by post. Many of those who now do mail art participated in Process Poetry." Gilbert: op. cit.

Mail Art Chro No Logy

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